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Maryland Economic Development Corporation

The Maryland Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO) functions under the provisions of Title 10, Subtitle 1 of the Economic Development Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

The legislative purposes of MEDCO are to: relieve unemployment in the State; encourage the increase of business activity and commerce and a balanced economy in the State; help retain and attract business activity and commerce in the State; promote economic development; and promote the health, safety, right of gainful employment and welfare of residents of the State.

The General Assembly intends that MEDCO operate and exercise its corporate powers in all areas of the State; exercise its corporate powers to assist governmental units and State and local economic development agencies to contribute to the expansion, modernization, and retention of existing enterprises in the State as well as attraction of new business to the State; cooperate with workforce investment boards, private industry councils, representatives of labor, and governmental units in maximizing new economic opportunities for residents of the State; and accomplish at least one of its legislative purposes and complement existing State marketing and financial assistance programs by owning projects, leasing projects to other persons, lending the proceeds of bonds to other persons to finance the cost of acquiring or improving projects.

MEDCO structures its financings on a non-recourse basis. The State of Maryland, any State agency and MEDCO are not responsible for the repayment of the bonds that are issued by MEDCO. The repayment of MEDCO bonds is limited to the revenues generated by the applicable project.



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